the role of parents
at kgms

Making the transition out of public school can be intimidating for parents, as well as students. We understand that this can be a difficult time and we make every effort to ensure that you’re not alone in your decision. KGMS provides a supportive network that guides parents through their child’s transfer. We help parents understand their child’s learning difference and develop skills to foster their growth.

At KGMS, our goal is to help the whole family. We hold monthly parent workshops with topics ranging from

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dyslexia to educational tax deductions. Many of our workshops are conducted by faculty members or other parents. We encourage all of our parents to have an active role in their child’s learning, and we create volunteer opportunities for parents to become involved in day-to-day school activities. The door is always open to our teachers and tutors, and parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress. They are even consulted during the development of their child’s Individualized Education Plan.

We find that many parents arrive at KGMS when nothing else has worked, when their child is still struggling at school and no tutors or teachers have been able to alleviate the tears and frustration that accompany nightly homework. We recognize how hard this can be on the whole family and we invite you to consider an alternative. One visit to KGMS and you will see why students and parents alike are enjoying school once again.

kgms Parent Council

At KGMS we are blessed with a highly active and supportive parent council. In addition to organizing various events and fundraising initiatives, the PAC takes an active role in Parent Education, Home-School Communication and parent support.

The Council organizes coffee mornings, guest speakers, evening lectures, and helps to ensure that the ideas and suggestions raised by members of the parent body are actively shared with the school.

They are valued partners in serving our students!

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