who should Apply ?

Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School occupies a unique position among independent schools that specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities, being the first of its kind in Western Canada. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve determined that the following attributes are required of a potential student

Submit a current psycho-educational assessment which indicates a language-based learning disability; or other supporting documentation indicating other learning challenges including, but not limited to, chronic health; visual or hearing impairments; or Autism Spectrum Disorder;

Meet the Ministry of Education guidelines for designation of a learning disability;

Have average to superior intelligence;

Demonstrate that the primary impediments to the student’s learning process are learning differences. Any behavioral, physical or emotional issues must be of secondary concern.

KGMS is a “school of second choice”. If your first choice of school, public or private, has not met the needs of your child we invite you to consider an alternative. If your child meets the above criteria, please contact us today for a tour.

How Do I Enroll ?

At KGMS, every day is an Open House. We encourage interested parents to visit the school for a tour with the Head of School. This is the best opportunity to experience our program and see what a day in the life of a KGMS student is like. Typically, the enrolment process follows this pattern:


Arrange for a visit. Typically parents come for about an hour which includes a meeting with the Head of School and Director of Instruction, followed by a tour of the building and campus. We ask that, if possible, you bring your daughter or son’s psycho-educational assessment when you come.


In many cases, a reading of the student’s assessment, and a discussion with you of its findings and your child’s current school experiences, will provide all of the information that we need to determine whether or not our school is a good “fit” for your child.

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In some instances, we will recommend a follow-up visit to your child’s home school including an opportunity to speak with her or his teachers, and support personnel.


Based upon our findings, we immediately make an offer of admission, contingent upon available space at the student’s age and level of performance. Occasionally, entry into the programme can take place within a few days although in the majority of cases, a space is held for the next term or school year.


Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year is $24,950.00 (Grades K-7). The school is able to keep the tuition significantly below the actual cost of educating your child through a combination of government grants and fundraising.


tuition deposit & fees

Tuition Deposit of $4,990.00 (tuition for May/June 2018)
Fees consisting of the following:
> Admissions Fee of $1150.00
> Volunteer Commitment Deposit of $400.00 ***
> School Supplies Fee of $500.00
> Technology Fee of $250.00

Total Additional Fees – $2300.00

FINAL TOTAL Registration Deposit Payment $7290.00

*** Volunteer Deposit is fully refundable upon completion of 30 hours of volunteer work during the school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Class begins at 8:15am

Yes, all students wear a KGMS uniform which consists of navy blue pants, skirts or jumpers and white or navy polo shirts, short or long sleeved blouses. On the last Friday of every month students are allowed to wear their own clothes.

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