A key part of our programme is to help students to develop into self-confident and positive adults. Our professional counseling staff members work in small groups and with individual students to foster the values and personal attributes to carry them forward in life.

In addition to their personal development, students are introduced to a wide range of employability skills including: readiness for work; resume writing; interview skills; expectations of the workplace; etc.

academic options at maplewood alternative

At Maplewood, we offer a diverse academic programme that allows students to pursue an appropriate path differentiated to their needs and goals. The core academic programme meets the prescribed learning outcomes required by the BC Ministry of Education. Core courses are offered at Maplewood include: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and the Sciences.  Students have the option of attaining their Dogwood or Evergreen diplomas in preparation for university/college or preparing themselves for the world of work through our Skills Passport and work placement programmes.

The programme is based on a combination of academic options; individualized and small group instruction; job shadowing and cooperative education placements; and specialized skills-based electives such as music, computer programming; culinary arts; woodworking; and, photography/movie making etc.

We believe that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom and students at Maplewood Alternative use the rich resources of the larger community to develop their skills and expand their personal horizons.

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Community Outreach

At Maplewood, we believe in giving back to the community. Volunteerism is an important part of who we are and what we do. Our students get involved in working in a wide range of community agencies and initiatives to broaden their world-view and to recognize the importance of community service.

Current volunteer placement opportunities include: the “I hope” Centre; Maplewood Farm; Adopt-a-Street; and Save-on-Foods’ Community initiative. Community groups are encouraged to contact the school if you are interested in having our students provide volunteer services for your programme.

learning outside
of the classroom

At Maplewood, we strongly believe in experiential education. Through field trips, outdoor education, and extra-curricular clubs, arts and athletics we help students to discover their strengths and pursue their passions. Students begin the year with a three day camping experience designed to built community and to develop teamwork and build collaborative skills.

Maplewood Alternative works in

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close cooperation with community partners in business and the service sector to provide job shadowing; cooperative learning placements; work experience; and apprenticeship opportunities. We believe that a key role of any school experience is to not only prepare students for higher education, but also to prepare them for life.

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