K-Grade 7

They are bright.
Their potential is extraordinary. They simply learn differently.

Kenneth Gordon Maplewood Elementary School казино вулкан престиж регистрация is a centre of excellence in developmentally informed instruction that empowers children with learning disabilities in a passionate, progressive and inspiring learning environment.

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Grades 8-12

Creating Pathways for Success

An alternative high school programme платинум игровые автоматы for students with learning differences and specific learning

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challenges that combines academics, social interaction, work experience, personal advocacy and life skills to create an individual pathway for our students to either a Dogwood Diploma or Evergreen Certificate.

Latest Blogs

“Being part of KGMS and Maplewood Alternate High School has been life changing for my daughter. The support and encouragement she receives daily has motivated her to take risks and step out of her comfort zone. Academically she is blossoming and her achievements are remarkable. I have no hesitation in recommending this exceptional school”.
Tracey Miller
“KGMS has been such a wonderful experience for our daughter. In one year, her reading level went from Grade 1-4 (her grade level). It’s been amazing to see the transformation in her; her self-esteem has grown and she is learning to advocate for herself and her learning needs. On top of this, she’s made great new friends! We are so grateful for expertise and professionalism of all the staff. Thank you.”
Karin Bury
KGMS has given our daughter the support she needed to flourish into a confident student. She has made huge leaps academically and more importantly, developed a love of learning. We couldn’t be happier with the teachers, tutors and staff at KGMS.
Samantha Lane and Paul Schatzley

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